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Department of the Interior Medical Standards Program (DOI MSP)

Current Information:

The DOI Medical Standards Program recently released a solicitation on 4/14/2014 inviting proposals for medical qualification determination services for Arduous Duty Wildland Firefighters. The resulting IDIQ contract will provide medical exam services for approximately 11,500 Arduous Duty Wildland Firefighters employed by the BLM, NPS, BIA and FWS to ensure they are medically qualified to serve in an arduous duty position. Having a very similar need, BLM Communications Tower Climbers joined the solicitation. The goal is to provide a "one-stop-shop" for medical qualification exam scheduling, clinical services, medical qualification determinations, and secure medical records management for all prospective and current employees nationwide. The soliciation can be viewed on www.FedConnect.net (Reference #L4PS00075).

The anticipated kick-off for this performance-based contract is August 1, 2014. Initiation and testing is scheduled for the remainder of 2014, with a full-scale implementation beginning January 2015.

For more information conact the DOI MSP or Jennifer Rodman-Snyder, Contracting Officer at (303) 236-6660.


If you have any other questions please contact the DOI MSP Customer Service: wlffcsr@blm.gov or (888) 286-2521.



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