Management Official Toolbox

Determined by National, Regional, or Local as designated by Bureau/Agency

  • Makes one of three decision options for the 1st level Risk Mitigation/Waiver, then signs the memo and responds back to the SHRO within 5 days (1.7_Email_MO_Decision)
  • MO makes the final decision in 2nd level DOI MRB process. Completes a decision memo and transmits it to the FMO, WLFF, SHRO, WFSPM, NIFC Employee Relations Specialist and DOI MSP within ten days of receipt of the recommendation memo from the appropriate Fire Director.
  • The MO reevaluates the WLFF with an existing Risk Mitigation, Waiver, or Waiver with Restrictions when the WLFF's related medical condition changes significantly. The MO makes one of three decision options, then signs the memo and responds back to the SHRO within 5 days (MO_Decision_Amendment_Job_Aid):
    • Acceptable Risk
    • Acceptable Risk with Conditions, or
    • Unacceptable Risk
  • If the MO's decision is Acceptable Risk with Conditions of the existing Risk Mitigation/Waiver, the WLFF has 10 days to review and accept additional conditions as defined by the MO, or the decision moves to Unacceptable and the WLFF starts the Risk Mitigation/Waiver Process from the beginning under the identified time frames.
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