Applicant/Incumbent Wildland Firefighter (WLFF)

Exam Process

Notifies FMO if medical condition changes. If the WLFF develops a change in medical status (injury or illness) between yearly medical exams that prevents them from performing arduous duty lasting longer than three consecutive weeks, contact the DOI MSP at or call 888-286-2521.

Attends exam with required information/items

  • Confirm exam payment arrangements with FMO or SHRO before your exam
  • Completed and signed exam paperwork
  • Photo ID
  • Corrective lenses (if applicable)
  • Bring pertinent medical information for existing medical issues
    • Supporting documents from personal physician
  • Ensure all appropriate testing listed on the exam form is completed at the time of your exam
  • Return your completed exam to your FMO or SHRO
  • Ensure you receive a "Cleared" determination at the time of exam before you take the Work Capacity Test (WCT)
  • Inform your FMO if your medical status (injury or illness) changes between medical exams.
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