Agency Memos

DOI Travel Expense Reimbursement Waiver 2016

Bureau of Indian Affairs
BIA AD Pay Plan Memo 2015
BIA Example Codes
**Attachment 1: Table/Roster of BIA Tribal Responsibillities
** Attachment 1: IBC ECI Procedures
BIA Medical Standards Program and Drug Testing Memo 2015
BIA AD Emergency Firefighter Training Memo 2014

Bureau of Land Management
Casual Travel Payment on OF-288 2016 New!
Waiver of E-Gov Travel Service Requirements 2016 New!
Casual Hire Travel Expense Reimbursement Waiver 2016 New!
Travel Reimbursement Worksheet New!
Approving Official Batch Memo with Travel New!
CPC Casual Travel Reimbursement Process New!

Fish and Wildlife Service
FWS AD Pay Plan Memo 2016
Approving Official Batch Memo New!
Travel Reimbursement Worksheet New!
CPC Casual ADTravel Process New!
**Attachment 1: NWCG Memo
**Attachment 2: ECI Procedures
**Attachment 3: Approving Official Procedures New!
FWS Boot Stipend Memo New!
**Attachment 2: Boot Stipend Procedures
**Attachment 3: Boot Stipend Form

National Park Service
NPS AD Pay Plan Memo 2015
NPS Exception Position Templates:
Exception Position - 1
Exception Position - 2
Exception Position - 3
Exception Position - 4
Exception Position - 5

All Agency Exception Position Examples:
Project Manager
Parachute Rigger
Environmental Health Specialist
CISM Peer Support
Housing Manager
Specialized Equipment Operator