Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher

Based on your feedback we now know we cannot develop a "one size fits all" program. While we need a foundation of common language and best practices, every firefighter has a set of unique needs. Therefore we are evolving from releasing batches of modules each spring to a year round "produce and post" schedule. As modules are produced, they will be posted on the website and announced to the field. A suite of modules will be available at any given time which will allow users to customize training based upon schedules, specific needs and learning styles.

The Refresher Program is an interagency program. Individual agency requirements can be found on the website under POLICY.

image of latest releases plate

image of infrared plane
2013 Season Summary

photo of firefighter
Smoke: Knowing the Risks

photo of sector boss
Historic Video: Sector Boss

photo of IRPG
The New 2014 IRPG

photo of vehicle rollover
Rollover Accidents and Seatbelt Safety

image of Wildland Firefighter Nutrition Hydration cover
Wildland Firefighter Nutrition & Hydration (iPad only)

image of burnover fires
An Analysis of Burnovers

photo of firefighter briefing
Developing Realistic Tactical Objectives

photo of helicopter
Innovative Uses of Helicopters

photo of granite mountain hotshots
Yarnell Hill Fire

photo of firefighters
Fireline Leadership

photo of firefighter with smoke
1994 South Canyon Fire on Storm King Mountain



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When you think of a module, picture a firefighting topic presented in component groups of related material. These could be in different formats such as videos, articles, apps or ebooks...