Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher

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Managing the Maze of Communication Systems (2012)

can you hear me now?

Students should consider the complexity of communication systems. This would include radio frequencies, repeaters, cell phones, texting, portables, mobiles, and any other technology currently available to firefighters. Students will be able to develop a communications management plan, considering span of control, and using the tools available to them.

- Radio Communications

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is your LCES adequate? (2010)

fire behavior and changing conditions

LCES doesn't make any sense if it's not based on fire behavior and worse case fire potential.

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lookouts (2011)

we're talking about the "l" in lces

All aspects of acting as a lookout - from responsibilities and what you should be paying attention to situational awareness, communication duties, fire behavior analyzing, noting weather changes, positioning and use of aircraft.

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