Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER)


BAER is not an opportunity to fix historic problems, expand programs or personnel, or conduct new surveys or long-term restoration.

BAER treatments do not prevent all of the potential flooding or soil erosion impacts, especially after wildfire-changed landscape. It is important for the public to stay informed and prepared for potentially dramatic increase run-off events.
BAER does not do work on privately owned lands affected by wildland fire. The scope of work is limited to federally managed lands only. However, private landowners can benefit greatly when their land neighbors federal land that has been treated by a BAER team.

Throughout the BAER process, BAER teams work with multiple federal agencies, as well as local emergency responders, to help protect human life and private property. The teams share information from their assessments and offer recommendations on mitigative measures to lessen the impacts of fire on surrounding communities and private landowners.