Wildland Fitness Assessment Battery (WFAB)


The Wildland Fitness Assessment Battery (WFAB) were initially developed as an attempt to provide fire personnel with a viable and quantifiable mechanism to determine their physical strengths and weaknesses and determine potential injury mitigation. The program includes a set of fitness assessments that can be done in whole, or partially to provide a measurement of one's overall fitness to include the essential fitness components. These tests include measurements for body fat percentage, muscle strength/power/endurance, aerobic fitness, core stability, and flexibility. They are a good determinant if one may be susceptible to possible injury due to muscle imbalance or other factors as indicated through the WFAB. The WFAB is provided to individuals to determine a baseline and provide them with a personalized profile of their results. They can then structure their individual fitness program based on the results of the test combined with their personal and/or crew goals.

The WFAB was first implemented in Region 4 during the summer of 2008 by Katie Sell, Ph.D. with the help of FireFit Task Group member, Eric Eastep with great success. They then followed up with re-assessments in 2009 for further evaluations for most of those originally evaluated. Region 3 then implemented the WFAB in early fall of 2009 with the Sacramento IHC crew which also resulted in the WFAB marketing package (available on the Resources page). The hope is to encourage all fire personnel to use this mechanism as a great tool in evaluating current fitness levels and provide incentive for improvement. The WFAB should not be re-tested for at least six to eight weeks prior to the initial test to determine a baseline. All WFAB materials are posted on the FireFit website for use by anyone.

Wildland Fitness Assessment Battery video (link to MyFireVideos.net)

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