What is Fitness?


Fitness is defined as, “the body’s ability to perform physical activity without distress or injury.” Although most people rarely engage in arduous physical activity as part of their daily jobs, wildland firefighters know that physical fitness plays an important role in our personal wellness and job performance. It’s a proven fact that by incorporating a balanced fitness program into our daily work life, we enhance our health and safety, while mitigating our risk of injury and illness and increasing our ability to do work.

Having said that, fitness continues to be one of the most important components of a well balanced wellness program. Like its counterparts, including nutrition and stress management, fitness has a life of its own, especially when it comes to the job performance of wildland firefighters. According to Dr. Brian Sharkey in his book, “Fitness and Work Capacity, 2nd Edition,” for prolonged arduous work, fitness is the most important determinant of work capacity (the ability to accomplish production goals without undue fatigue, and without becoming a hazard to oneself or coworkers).

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