Getting Started - Before You Begin


In preparation for exercise, it’s important to incorporate a ‘mental checklist’ of correct procedures to make sure that you prepare yourself physically and mentally for the associated tasks. Most interagency wildland firefighters will have completed a medical screening questionnaire and had some level of medical exam prior to engaging in wildland firefighting activities. It is important to make sure you complete some form of health screening and get clearance to participate from a medical practitioner prior to beginning training.

The following checklist will help to guide you in preparation for all levels of fitness activities:

  • Consult with your physician
  • Establish goals
  • Make the commitment to yourself and your crew
  • Get educated – the more you know, the healthier and safer you will be
  • Have the appropriate footwear and apparel for exercise
  • Adhere to your agency procedures for fitness and medical clearance

It is important to use appropriate apparel and footwear for your activity. In other words, you should be discouraged from wearing basketball sneakers when running on the track or trail. The reason is due to the fact that all shoes are made differently and specific to the activity to be performed. It’s equally important to wear clothing that is appropriate for the conditions. Additional items may include sunscreen, bug spray, eye protection, or a hat as appropriate for the conditions.

Developing a good goal statement is one of the first things to complete in pursuance and accomplishment of goals. Good points to follow when developing a goal statement include using the SMART chart: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timed.

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