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Emergency orders for incidents must be ordered on a resource order under the Mobilization Plan Process. Use National Fire Equipment System (NFES) numbers. State the preferred shipping method (commercial air, charter air, commercial surface, or government surface) and include a realistic time frame. Also provide a complete billing/administrative jurisdiction address and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) charge code.


Who may place resource orders with the Great Basin Cache?
All units within the Great Basin Cache (Southern Idaho, Nevada, Utah), through their respective Dispatch Centers, are authorized to place resource orders for supplies directly to the Great Basin Cache. Orders for equipment will be ordered through the appropriate Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC). Orders from the State of Idaho will be accepted from the Dispatch Center in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The Dispatch Center in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho is located in the Northern Rockies Geographic Area, but serves the State of Idaho. The State of Idaho is a participating member of the Great Basin Coordination Group.

What happens if the Great Basin Cache is unable to fill order?
If the Great Basin Cache is unable to fill order, the order will be cancelled and returned to the requesting unit. There will be no back ordered items on resource orders. If the unfilled item is still needed, the requesting unit will then place order with the appropriate GACC. The GACC will then place the order with the National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC), to be filled from outside the geographic area.

Resource orders for supplies from outside the Great Basin Cache can be placed directly to the Great Basin Cache from:

    1. other National Interagency Support Caches (NISC) at National PL I and II
    2. NISC Supply Coordinator located at NICC at National PL III, IV, V

Who can stop direct Great Basin Cache unit ordering?
The Great Basin Cache and the GACCs retain the option to stop direct Great Basin Cache unit ordering and to require units to place orders through the appropriate GACC in an overload situation or one requiring prioritization of incident orders. This change in normal operational procedure will occur with the concurrence of both Center Managers and the Cache Manager. All units will be notified as soon as reasonable via their respective GACCs communication channels.

Who prioritizes multiple orders?
Multiple orders must be prioritized by the ordering office. Unless otherwise instructed by the Great Basin Coordination Center, the Great Basin Cache will process orders in the following priority:

    1. Initial Attack
    2. Project Fires
    3. Restock

What info is provided back to the ordering office from the Great Basin Cache?
The Great Basin Cache will provide the following information to the ordering office:

    1. Incident Order Number
    2. Items Shipped
    3. Items Cancelled
    4. Items Substituted
    5. Estimated or Actual Time of Delivery
    6. Shipping Method