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For ordering from the Great Basin Cache (GBK)

General Ordering Information  

    1. National Incident Radio Support Cache (NIRSC) radio kits and systems must be ordered through the geographic area coordination centers on a ROSS Equipment Order. All other NFES items are ordered on a Supply Resource Order form.
    2. Mobile Cache Support Vans (NFES 2069), 500 Person Medical Kits (NFES 1835), Fire Remote Automatic Weather Stations (FRAWS-NFES 5869), and Project Remote Automatic Weather Stations (PRAWS-NFES 5870) must all be ordered through the geographic area coordination centers. Atmospheric Theodolite Meteorological Units (ATMU-NFES 1836) must be ordered through the geographic area coordination centers at National Preparedness Levels 4 & 5.
    3. Great Basin Dispatch Centers order direct to GBK for NFES items not available from the local cache (excluding those listed in 1 & 2 above). Type 1 & 2 Teams may also order direct to GBK for NFES items (excluding those listed in 1 & 2 above) with concurrence from the hosting agency. In either case, prior to ordering please call the 24-hr. phone number (208-387-5104) to alert GBK of the pending order, followed by faxing the order to 208-387-5573. Always confirm fax receipt and legibility.
    4. Resource orders sent to GBK with multiple request numbers (on the same page) requiring different shipping methods or destinations, must be faxed on separate pages. Each resource order page faxed to GBK should only show the request numbers to be shipped together to one destination. Line through (black out) request numbers not being shipped in the same manner or to the same destination.
    5. Orders for NFES items not available or stocked at GBK will be forwarded by GBK to the nearest national cache able to fill. However, before doing so the incident must confirm that it requires the items and the quantity specified. GBK may recommend a suitable substitute or local purchase. Ordering efficiency will be improved if the incident initially checks stocking locations in the current NFES Catalog for each item requested.
    6. Follow local established ordering procedures in placing requests for non-NFES items with either the Buying Team or local procurement unit.