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Routine Services
The facilities department is responsible for all operations, maintenance and Improvement on the NIFC campus.

Maintenance and operations of grounds
Snow removal, deicing
Lawn care and beds care to include shrubs and xeriscape
Roads and all pedestrian hardscape
Campus utility distribution systems

Maintenance and operations of buildings to include preventative maintenance and Improvements of:

Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems
Plumbing systems
Electrical systems
Life Safety systems (fire protection, generators, reporting equipment)
Access Systems (Card readers)
Conveyance systems (elevators, lifts)
Fixed furnishings
Roofing systems
Building exterior
Building interior
Cleaning of buildings (5 days/week)

Administer installation and replacement of:

Modular furniture systems
Recycling Services
Energy management
Solid waste disposal and recycling
Disposal of surplus property