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Pathways Intern Program Training

The NIICD has sponsored an electronics intern training program since 1988. This is a planned, progressive and focused training program covering all aspects of telecommunications. The NIICD Pathways Intern Program provides a pipeline of available entry-level technicians who possess a broad range of practical radio, data, and telephone skills, to federal land management agencies.

Students apply to open vacancy announcements. If selected for a position, a student receives training and on-the-job experience in the operation, maintenance, installation, repair and design of telecommunications equipment and systems.

During the regular school year, students attend a local college or technical institute on a full time basis, pursuing either an associate or bachelor degree in electronics engineering technology or a related field. Students then work part time at the NIICD where they receive practical hands-on training in electronics and telecommunications.

During the school's summer break, students work full time under a fully qualified technician or specialist at a national forest, BLM district or other land management agency telecommunications facility. These telecommunications facilities may be located anywhere in the U.S.. While there, they provide valuable assistance to the field unit while they gain critical on-the-job training and experience in radio, data and telephone equipment and systems.

Upon completion of the program, these formally educated and practically trained graduates are fully prepared and eligible for noncompetitive conversion into entry-level electronics technician or telecommunications specialist positions within the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and other agencies.

Contact Kirk Maskalick for more information.

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