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PIO's and Critical Incident Stress Management Webinar

Playback Number:  800-475-6701 Access Code: 422483
Agency Administrators Briefing

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) is the selection and implementation of the most appropriate crisis intervention tactics to best respond to the needs of the situation at hand. How do public information officers work with CISM members on a wildfire incident? This webinar focuses on what CISM is and isn’t and how PIO’s can best coordinate and work with CISM members during an incident within an incident situation. 

For more information about CISM visit https://gacc.nifc.gov/cism/

U.S. Forest Service 2017 Fire Communications

Listen to the Presentation
AT&T Digitized Playback
Toll-free: 1 (800) 475-6701
Access Code: 422482
PowerPoint Presentation

Communicating Long-Duration Wildfires

Powerpoint Presentation

Presenters will discuss why it’s important to communicate long-duration wildfires and what methods worked for informing and educating the public and media. The presenters will also discuss working with other agencies and partners and how the information was coordinated. Overall, participants will gain an understanding and hear about the lessons learned when communicating long-duration wildfires.

Listen to the Presentation:

AT&T Playback Number
Toll-free: 1 (800) 475-6701 
Participant code: 385983

New PIO Tech Tools

Full PIO Tech Tools Presentation. To use AT&T Playback, call 1-800-475-6701/Access Code: 385982.

Individual Presentations:

Wildfires Near Me

IRWIN - Data at Dispatch Speed

Observer User Guide (Beta Version)

IRWIN Console - Getting Started

Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portal


Public EGP Kaari Carpenter, kaaricarpenter@fs.fed.us

Wildfires Near Me Ben Butler, bbutler@fs.fed.us, Kris Eriksen keriksen@fs.fed.us

IRWIN Observer Rochelle Pederson, kimber_pederson@ios.doi.gov

Wildfires Near Me Kick-Off

When: May 6, 2016

Time: 12:00 PM MDT

Please register at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7799720355545609730

Managing Wildfire Networks: Brokering Relationships and Mission Conflict

Toddi Steelman, Ph.D. - Fire Chasers Project/NC State University
Branda Newell, Ph.D. - Fire Chasers Project/NC State University

The 2x2 Matrix

PIO Training Opportunities

Social Media Skills and Strategies Virtual Training
Link to all recorded topics from the March 2015 class: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkmfAWdsEOSc7P32KJU2lZUy2ssWgjuRq

Upcoming Training Sessions (search for S-203 or S-403 courses)

2015 What's New with InciWeb Webinar

Presenter: Christine Schuldheisz, Forest Service Public Affairs Specialist/InciWeb Business Lead, Fire & Aviation Management, National Interagency Fire Center
What's New in InciWeb 2015


One Fire, Multiple Teams: PIO Reflections & Recommendations (Carlton Complex 2014)

Presenters: Kris Ericksen, Public Information Officer, National Incident Management Organization; Koshare Eagle, Public Information Officer Type II, WA Incident Management Team 3

One Fire, Multiple Teams PowerPoint
To listen to the presentation, dial 1-800-475-6701 and enter the access code 354588.


Local PIO/IMT PIO Partnership

Laura McConnell, Public Information Officer Type 1
Deputy PIO1 Portland NIMO/Rocky Mountain Fire Department
Boulder County IMT3 - State Team 4

Micki Trost - Strategic Communications Director
Colorado Div. of Homeland Security & Emergency Mgmt.
Jefferson County IMT3 PIO Type 2(t) - State Team 1

Local PIO/IMT PIO Partnership PowerPoint
To listen to the presentation, dial 1-800-475-6701; access code 354736

IMT Lead PIO/ESF15 and Local/EOC Lead PIO Roles & Responsibilities Transition Form

2015 U.S. Forest Service Fire Communications Webinar

Presenters: Jennifer Jones, Forest Service Public Affairs Specialist, Fire & Aviation Management, National Interagency Fire Center
2015 U.S. Forest Service Fire Communications Webinar PowerPoint
To listen to the presentation, dial 1-800-475-6701; access code 354590