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Training Opportunities


The National Interagency Fire Center External Affairs Office has released video podcasts to prepare information officers for the upcoming Western fire season. These short videos replace the annual PIO webinar that NIFC has presented in previous years. The use of podcasts will enable more individuals to benefit from the information, along with accommodating the various work schedules across the nation. Individual podcasts can be reviewed as many times as needed without having to negotiate a cumbersome webinar recording. The podcasts are short and topic-oriented.

1. Introduction (wmv) (transcript)

2. National Themes (wmv) (transcript)

2013 National Fire Themes

3. Fire Seasonal Outlook (wmv) (transcript)

4. Telling the Fire Story (wmv) (transcript)


A new medium of receiving and responding to questions is also available this year to provide consistent and accurate answers to all audiences. We will find the best subject matter expert to respond to the question in a timely manner.

Questions may be submitted in two ways:

- via Facebook to http://www.facebook.com/BLMFire
- 2013 PIO Podcasts Facebook event
- via email to BLM_FA_NIFC_Comments@blm.gov