Line-of-Duty Death Response Guide

This guide is intended to provide BLM Fire and Aviation Directorate (FAD) and Office of Law Enforcement and Security (OLES) managers a single, comprehensive, reference guide for preparing for and responding to firefighter and law enforcement line-of-duty deaths (LODD). Managers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this guide, supplement it with pertinent local information, and take appropriate actions to prepare for a professional and competent response to line-of-duty death.

This guide was developed by fire, aviation, safety, law enforcement, and human resources personnel working under the auspices of the Assistant Director, FAD, and the Director, OLES. The guide will be posted on the BLM Fire Operations and OLES websites and updated annually. Please send improvement or modification suggestions to:

FAD: Vanessa Marquez, Fire and Aviation - Fire Operations and Safety, (702)-575-0984

OLES: Thomas Sharkey, Special Agent, Office of Law Enforcement and Security, (208) 387-5133

Line-of-duty Death Response Guide, March 2016 version