About NIFC

The National Interangency Fire Center (NIFC) campus is located in Boise Idaho adjacent to the Boise Airport. NIFC is comprised of 55 acres and has areas for refurbishment of firefighting equipment, aircraft ramp operations, aircraft retardant tanker operations, as well as administrative functions serving the mission of wildland fire and other emergencies.

At NIFC, we support many different kinds of emergency responses, including floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, riots, and terrorist attacks (9/11 and Oklahoma City bombing), radios to Haiti. However, our primary focus is on wildland firefighting. The agencies that are represented here share firefighting supplies, equipment, and personnel, which helps ensure efficient and cost-effective incident management. They work together to establish policy, exchange information, and train personnel. And, when the national fire situation escalates, activate the National Multi-Agency Coordinating group. This group sets priorities for critical, and sometimes scarce, equipment, supplies and personnel.

What's at NIFC?

Great Basin Cache and Returns Warehouse

National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC)

Radio Cache

Remote Automated Weather Stations


Tours of NIFC

In the Spotlight
photo of wildland fire and operations