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Quadrennial Fire Review

Look into the Future of Flame

The Quadrennial Fire Review, or QFR, is a document designed to take a long look at the nation's wildland fire program, and then, with an eye toward the future, identify risks and conditions that could affect fire management over the next four years and beyond.

The QFR was developed by experts from a variety of organizations – federal, state, tribal, local fire departments, universities and entities outside of the government that have an interest and expertise in wildland fire.

This year's QFR examined five topics: Suppression Strategy in the Era of Asymmetric Fire; Fire Management on the Edges; Achieving Fire-adapted Communities; Fire's Emergency Response Role in Preparing for Unknown Unknowns; and Reimaging Information and Education of Fire in a Web 2.0 World.

You'll likely find information and forecasts in this document that will cause you to think and look at certain aspects of wildland fire in a different way. If so, that's a measure of success to those who developed it. You may also find some statements that you don't agree with, and that's fine, too. The QFR is, above all, a document designed to provoke thought and discussion toward evolving and establishing means to carry out fire management for the challenges ahead. The document allows us a strategic view of the future of wildland fire.

We hope this will be a living document. If you have thoughts about QFR topics, please send them to Don Smurthwaite at the National Interagency Fire Center. At a later time, we hope to develop a QFR blog, which will provide a forum for all people interested in wildland fire management. Don's e-mail address is don_smurthwaite@nifc.blm.gov.

Our thanks to you for taking the time to look through the QFR. We think it will be worth your time and hope it will help the entire wildland fire community to see the future just a little more clearly.

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