Do What's Right

Do What’s Right is directed to everyone in the wildland fire community, whether you are at a fire base, outstation, or whether you are a smokejumper, dispatcher, firefighter, module leader, fire management officer, or work in a support position or as a contractor in the fire organization. All of the issues apply to all of us. Everyone in the wildland fire community needs to understand their rights and responsibilities. Everyone needs to understand the consequences of their actions. What is covered in this training comes down to, “Doing What's Right.” We deserve a workplace that we look forward to coming to each day. We have the right to feel proud of the work we do. Taking pride in the duties we perform and acting with integrity and respect is what this program is all about.

As directed, in the “Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations,” Chapter 13 Firefighter Training and Qualification, Annual Fireline Safety Refresher Training:

The "Do What’s Right" training is required annual training for the Bureau of Land Management but is not a prerequisite for issuance of an Incident Qualification Card."

Mandatory “Do What’s Right” Training Modules for the Wildland Fire Community per IM from Assistant Director, Fire and Aviation:

”Do What’s Right” Training (Open in Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer)

Do What’s Right Self Study

Do What’s Right EEO Process and PB18-01 Information

Paper Scenario - Contractor Misbehaving

For course information, email Eileen Wallace or call (208) 387-5454.