News Releases

Additional Military Personnel Mobilized to Provide Wildfire Support (9/16/20)

NIFC mobilizes Canadian Fire Crews to Provide Wildland Fire Support (9/2/20)

Military Personnel Mobilized to Provide Wildfire Support (8/28/20)

Four MAFFS-equipped C-130 aircraft providing valuable support on wildfires (8/20/20)

Two MAFFS-equipped C-130 Aircraft Activated to Assist with Wildfires (07/22/20)

California Air National Guard, Nevada Air National Guard and USDA Forest Service conducting annual aerial firefighting training (06/12/20)

Area Command Teams Develop Wildland Fire Response Plans to Protect Firefighters  and the Public During COVID-19 Pandemic (05/07/20)

BLM at NIFC Announces New Assistant Director for Fire and Aviation

United States Sends Additional Fire Crews to Australian Bushfire Response - 01/22/20

Australia, Canada, and NIFC Letter - 01/17/20

United States Continues to Support Australian Wildfire Suppression Efforts (1-3-20)

United States Wildland Fire Personnel Called to Assist with Australia Wildfires (12-05-19)


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photo of wildland fire and operations