Publications of Interest:

Fall 2011 Two More Chains – Your Fire Shelter: Would You Hesitate Deploying It?

2011 Tech Tip – Fire Shelter Inspection and Rebag Direction

2009 Tech Tip - Deploying Your Fire Shelter in a Body of Water 

2006 Tech Tip - What's New with the New Generation Fire Shelter

2005 Tech Tip - Large New Generation Fire Shelter Now Available

2003 Tech Tip - New Generation Fire Shelter Developed for Wildland Firefighters

2003 Tech Tip - Fire Shelters Weaken Transmission from Hand-held Radios  

2008 - Fire Shelter Video and Publication Library DVD. This DVD includes four videos and eight publication showing how the New Generation Fire Shelter was developed, how it performs in comparison to the old-style shelter, and how the new shelter should be used and maintained.

History and Development of the New Generation Fire Shelter  

2008 Briefing Paper: Fire Shelter Length

Video – Comparing the New Generation and Old-style Fire Shelters, May 5 2006 Test (33.5 MB .wmv) 

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photo of wildland fire and operations