Why should you care?
Because not only is the greater sage-grouse in trouble; your public lands, your sagebrush steppe ecosystems, and the Western way of life are all threatened. If we lose greater sage-grouse, we lose an entire ecosystem. If this happens, not only will we lose precious plant and animal species, many people will lose their livelihoods, recreation opportunities, and countless other benefits all tied to the sagebrush-steppe.

What can you do?

If you are a landowner, visit:

SGI Landowners page
NRCS Landowners page

We have developed a collection of outreach materials, including publications, videos, posters, and other materials. Please contact us at: sagegrouseandfire@blm.gov to receive materials or other information about wildfire and its effect on our sagebrush steppe ecosystems.


Sage-Grouse and Sagebrush Steppe Videos