Virtual Platform

***Important information regarding conference live-streaming***
Please download the conference live-streaming schedule.
There are two live-streaming links. One link streams the majority of the conference and the other streams the 11/6 lunch panel as well as a breakout session on 11/7. This is explained with links on the conference live-streaming schedule.

Join the Conversation Online!
The Next Steppe Conference is excited to provide extended opportunities for participation using virtual technology. To encourage active participation among those attending the conference virtually as well as in-person, two different technologies will be available to share the conference presentations and discussion and provide a virtual space for questions, ideas, and general feedback:

Ground rules: Please engage in a positive, constructive manner. To help ensure this, our moderator for both the Livestream chat and MindMixer dialogue will promptly remove profanity and/or disrespectful or personal attacks from the online dialogue. Participants who continue to exhibit this behavior may be blocked from further online participation.

If you have any technical issues during the conference with live-streaming or MindMixer, please contact Ray Outlaw, Conference Facilitation Team, at routlaw@enviroissues.com.

Conference technology handout