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Blocking SPAM or Offensive Email

Purpose: In order to effectively block SPAM or an offensive email message, the BLM needs to examine the full header information from the email. The easiest way to do this is to attach a text file containing the email and the headers. To do this in Lotus Notes, follow the below steps.


  1. In the Inbox, Left click on the offending message.
  2. In the menus, go to File --> Export...
  3. Give the file a name and save it to the Desktop. Save this file as type: Structured Text
  4. On the next pop-up box, select "Selected documents" and click OK.
  5. Attach the resulting text file to a new email message and send it to
  6. The NIFC Help Desk will forward the message to the IT Security Manager and it will be evaluated and blocked if necessary.