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Convert Wordperfect files to Microsoft Word format

Purpose: The BLM has adopted a policy to use Word and no longer supports the isntallation of WordPerfect on BLM computers. This document will help you convert your older WordPerfect (WPD) Documents to a Microsoft Word format for continued use.


  1. From within MS Word open a new file.

wordperfect to word screenshot 1

  1. Be sure that Files of type are set to All Files (*.*).
  2. Browse to the location that the Word Perfect document is saved.
  3. Click on the document and then Click Open.
  4. After the document is converted you may need to make some formatting changes. Remember that tables and graphics do not convert well, if at all.
  5. To save the document in MS Word, go to the File Menu, Save As.

wordperfect to word screenshot 2

  1. Make sure the Save as type is set to Word Document (*.doc) You can also change the File name at this time.
  2. Click Save.