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  Light or Moderate Duty Medical Screening Process

Effective 2/6/19, the medical screening process for light and moderate work capacity testing will be handled through Comprehensive Health Service Inc.


Step 1 - Contact your FMO or delegate and inform them you would like to participate in light/moderate duty. FMO or delegate will collect your information to enter into the Client Access System (CAS).


Step 2 - FMO or delegate will order your Health Screening Questionnaire (HSQ). FMO or delegate may also generate a list of employees from previous years who requre light and moderate fitness screenings and upload a roster and request HSQs through CHSi


Step 3 - Employee will receive password and log-in information from CHSi for access into the Employee Access System (EAS). Employee will log into EAS and complete the HSQ.


Step 4 - If cleared through the HSQ, employee will have access to a printable clearance certificate to produce at the Work Capacity Test (WCT). As an alternative, FMO or delegate may also produce a report of all cleared personnel and submit to WCT Administrator prior to the WCT


**If not cleared on the HSQ, CHSi will contact the individual and request supporting information that can be provided by an individual's personal provider. The cost for additional medical information is the responsibility of the employee.



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