Servicing Human Resource Officer

Servicing Human Resources Officer (SHRO) or Employee Relations Specialist Determined by National, Regional or Local as designated by Bureau/Agency


Click HERE for SHRO Role and Responsibilities for the Risk Mitigation/Waiver Process


Additional Process/Information

  1. SHRO assists WLFF who requests that their Waiver with Restrictions prior to 2010 be reevaluated under the Risk Mitigation/Waiver Process (Risk_Mitigation_Waiver_Amendment_Flowchart_Job_Aid).
  2. SHRO assists the WLFF who has an existing Risk Mitigation, Waiver, or Waiver with Restrictions that needs to be reevaluated by the MO when the WLFF's related medical condition changes significantly (MO_Decision_Amendment_Job_Aid).
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