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Fuels & Fire Danger Briefing
Predictive Service Areas Fire Danger Charts

*Page Under Construction*

National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS)
Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS) 

Notice:Some WFAS products are currently degraded while RAWS are being transitioned in WIMS to use the new NFDRSv4 fuel models and fuel moisture algorithms. Work is underway now to update the WFAS products to use those NFDRSv4 outputs from WIMS. Until that work is complete (in conjunction with ample RAWS in WIMS having switched to NFDRSv4 to ensure the network providing data used for the WFAS products is suitably representative), users are advised to discontinue using the affected WFAS products or independently verify that they still accurately represent actual conditions for the user's area of interest. Affected products include the following WFAS map products: ERC/BI/SFDI percentiles; 10-hr, 100-hr, 1000-hr dead fuel moisture; live fuel moisture; and Fire Danger Adjective Rating.

The notification above was posted on 7/18/2022. The links to the WFAS map products that normally appear here will be restored once the WFAS products have been converted to NFDRSv4 and are again reliably representative of actual conditions.

Alaska Fire Danger Rating
Alaska Predictive Services Fuels/Fire Danger

Note: Alaska uses the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System and its Fire Weather Index System (CFFDRS & FWI explained)

  Alaska Fire and Fuels Viewer
Fuels Conditions
  National Fuel Moisture Database
WFAS NFDRS Fuel Model Map (2010)
NFDRS Daily Observations
Current Fuels and Fire Behavior Advisories
There are currently no advisories in effect.
  Fuels and Fire Behavior Advisory Template (PDF) (Word Document)
  Fuels and Fire Behavior Advisory Protocols

Weekly Year-to-Date Numbers of Fires and Acres Burned


*Graphics developed from Sit Report data. This is weekly estimated data, so it may differ slightly from actual report data. Dates correspond to data entry via Sit Report and not necessarily when the activity actually occurred (i.e. some spikes may be the result of "catch-up" reporting rather than increased fire activity).
Each Geographic Area's Fuels and Fire Danger page can be found by clicking any of the Geographic Areas on the map below.
Fire Potential Index (FPI)
USGS Large Fire Probability and Fire Potential Index (FPI)
USGS Fire Danger Forecast Viewer
Fire Danger PocketCards
Fire Danger PocketCard Data
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