Click on a PSA to view fire danger plots.

*Due to new GACC/PSA boundaries and ongoing NFDRSv4 transition activities, some charts may be unavailable.*
*Please refer to your local Geographic Area Predictive Services Unit Fuels Pages for additional information.*


ERC, BI, and 10-hour, 100-hour, 1000-hour dead fuel moisture graphs may be available depending on the GACC and PSA

Some PSAs do not produce charts year-round and may yield an error.

National GACC and PSA Map EA01 EA02 EA03 EA04 EA05 EA06 EA07 EA08 EA09 EA10 EA11 EA12 EA13 EA14 EA15 EA16 EA17 EA18 EA19 EA20 EA21 EA22 EA23 EA24 RM01 RM02 RM03 RM04 RM05 RM06 RM07 RM08 RM09 RM10 RM11 RM12 RM13 RM14 RM15 RM16 RM17 RM20 RM21 RM22 RM23 RM24 RM25 RM26 RM27 RM28 RM29 RM30 RM31 RM32 RM33 RM34 RM35 RM36 RM37 RM38 RM39 RM40 RM41 RM42 RM50 RM51 RM52 RM53 RM54 RM55 RM56 RM57 RM60 RM61 RM62 RM63 RM64 RM65 RM66 RM67 RM68 RM70 RM71 RM72 RM73 RM74 RM75 RM76 RM77 NR01 NR02 NR03 NR04 NR05 NR06 NR07 NR08 NR09 NR10 NR11 NR12 NR13 NR14 NR15 NR16 NR17 NR17 SW01 SW02 SW03 SW04 SW05 SW06N SW06S SW07 SW08 SW09 SW10 SW11 SW12 SW13 SW14N SW14S SC01 SC02 SC03 SC04 SC05 SC06 SC07 SC08 SC09 SC10 SC11 SC12 SC13 SC14 SC15 SC16 NC01 NC02 NC03A NC03B NC04 NC05 NC06 NC07 NC08 NW01 NW02 NW03 NW04 NW05 NW06 NW07 NW08 NW09 NW10 NW11 NW12 GB01 GB02 GB03 GB04 GB05 GB06 GB07 GB08 GB09 GB10 GB11 GB12 GB13 GB14 GB15 GB16 GB17 GB18 GB19 GB20 GB21 GB22 GB23 GB24 GB25 GB26 GB27 GB28 GB29 GB30 GB31 GB32 GB33 GB34 GB35 SA02 SA03 SA05 SA06 SA07 SA09 SA10 SA11 SA12 SA13 SA14 SA15 SA16 SA17A SA17B SA18 SA19 SA20 SA21A SA21B SA22B SA22A SA23 SA24 SA25A SA25B SA26 SA27 SA28A SA28B SA29 SA30 SA31A SA31B SA31C SA32 SA33 SA34 SA35 SA36 SA37 SA38 SA39 SA40 SA41 SA42 SA43 SA44 SA45A SA45B SA46 SA47 SA48 SA49 SA50 SA51A SA51B

I did not forget about Alaska. Please visit the AICC's Fuels and Fire Danger Page.

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