About NIMO

Background: The NIMO Implementation Task Group recommended implementing seven full-time National Incident Management Teams (IMT's) starting in FY 2006. The Atlanta and Boise IMT's were staffed in August 2006 and are operational. Two additional teams, based in Portland and Phoenix, are in development.

Current Status: The National Incident Management Organization program helps wildland fire agencies address issues and improve future fire management. The NIMO teams work with the National Multi-Agency Coordinating Group (NMAC) to identify project opportunities, evaluate success, and determine future direction for the NIMO program and NIMO teams.

When the teams are not on assignments, they support Fire & Aviation Management (FAM) focusing on the nine implementation actions outlined in the NIMO Implementation Plan. The teams work as a force multiplier on fire issues that cross agency boundaries. The basis of these issues consist of the need to increase fuels treatment, increasing capability and capacity of wildland fire resources through revisiting current training and qualifications, and developing a more progressive and effective fire management model for large, more complex fires.

NIMO works with all wildland fire agencies to provide consistency and improve fire management processes. All of the initiatives require long-term coordination and cooperation to assure that all agencies reap the benefits of future changes.

NIMO Feasibility and Implementation Plan

NIMO Organization Chart

More Information: William Waterbury, AD Risk Management; Robin Cole, NIMO Program Coordinator

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