Bureau of Land Management Fire Planning

Fire Planning

Fire planning is an ongoing process that melds science, management direction, and objectives into a variety of planning products that are used to conduct on the ground wildland fire operations.

Fire Management Plans

After the fatal fire season of 1994, the Departments of Interior and Agriculture jointly released the updated Federal Fire Policy requiring every area with burnable vegetation have a Fire Management Plan. This policy was updated and re-emphasized after the 2000 fire season and additional guidance was provided in 2009.  Since 1995, the BLM has been working to update land use and fire management plans to address this policy, including recognizing and integrating fire as a natural process, prioritizing firefighter & public health and safety, and protecting sensitive values at risk from fire. Land managers are working with local communities as well as federal partners to prepare landscape-scale plans across agency boundaries.

The BLM recently issued an updated Fire Management Plan Template that incorporates increased flexibility to spatially display fire related information and is available to BLM employees by clicking here.

Environmental Compliance

The BLM fire management program complies with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Clean Air Act, National Historic Preservation Act, and Endangered Species acts through Land Use Planning, project specific NEPA planning (which may identify additional management constraints or survey requirements) and emergency consultation.

Data and Information for Program and Incident Decision Support

The BLM utilizes the Wildland Fire Decisions Support System (WFDSS) to evaluate risk, and document decisions associated with wildfires.  The WFDSS includes robust fire behavior and spread prediction models, values at risk information, and is pre-loaded with management objectives from land use plans to guide fire management.

Sage Grouse

As the number one natural resource concern for the BLM - the protection of Greater Sage-grouse habitat from fire is being incorporated into policy, land use, and fire management plans.

For Sage-grouse and fire information please click here.

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