Communicator's Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Wildland Fire Overview

Chapter 3: Fire Management

Chapter 4: Communication Planning and Strategy

Chapter 5: Communication Materials

Chapter 6: Cooperative Programs

Chapter 7: Fire Education

Chapter 8: Fire Prevention

Chapter 9: Fire Mitigation

Chapter 10: Resources

Chapter 11: Appendix

11. Appendix

A. Chapter 1 - Introduction and Organization - Table of Contents (pdf version)
B. Chapter 2 - Wildland Fire Overview

i. Photos - Fire Regimes (available on DVD)
ii. Background

1. Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens
2. Fire Regime Condition Class Definitions

iii. Guides

1. NWCG Fire Effects Guide

C. Chapter 3 - Fire Management

i. Social Science Fact Sheets

1. Catching Attention
2. Communication about Hazards
3. Engaging Property Owners
4. Golden Rule
5. Laws
6. Personal Responsibility
7. Three Critical Topics
8. Working Locally

D. Chapter 4 - Communication Planning and Strategy

i. Background

1. A Study of Wildland Fire Communicators in the US

ii. Glossary of Media Terms
iii. Guides

1. USFW Outreach Handbook
2. Wildfire for Educators
3. Sample Media Guide - VA Media Guide

iv. Sample Plan

1. Arizona Communication Plan
2. FPA Communication Plan
3. North Carolina Fire Prevention Education Team Communication Plan
4. New Mexico Communication Plan
5. Oklahoma Communication Plan
6. Yosemite National Park Smoke Strategy

E. Chapter 5 - Communication Materials

i. Guide

1. Wildfire Prevention Sign and Poster Guide

ii. Sample Fact Sheets

1. Controlling Invasive Species
2. Facts About Wildland Fire Management
3. Keeping Fire on Our Side

F. Chapter 6 - Cooperative Programs

i. Sample Partners

1. SE Compact
2. Southeastern States Compact Bylaws
3. KDF-DBNF Cooperative Fire Agreement

ii. Case Study - Inside Fire Management Partnerships

G. Chapter 7 - Fire Education

i. Case Studies

1. Northern Idaho Fuels Treatment
2. Nebraska Prescribed Burning
3. Oklahoma Prevention
4. Washington Biomass Project
5. Mescalero Project

ii. Messages

1. NWCG Key Messages
2. MTG Charter
3. NWCG Memo
4. WFEWT Memo

iii. Sample Fire Fact Sheets
iv. Sample Presentations - Role of Fire

1. Core Slides
2. Optional Inserts
3. Sample PowerPoint - Kentucky Prescribed Fire

H. Chapter 8 - Fire Prevention

1. When a Wildfire Threatens Your Home
2. Sample Newspaper Insert - Living With Fire

i. Fact Sheets

1. Fire Safety
2. Building a Campfire
3. Putting Out a Campfire
4. On a Dark and Stormy Night

ii. Guides

1. Industrial Operations
2. National Interagency Mobilization Guide
3. Wildfire Prevention Industrial Operations

iii. Handouts

1. General
2. Home
3. Campfire
4. Debris

iv. Sample PSAs

1. Public Urged to Report Arsonists
2. Don't Let Your Campfire Become a Wildfire
3. Self-Evaluation Checklist System
4. Weather is Cooler But Vegetation is Still Dry
5. Can Emergency Responders Find Your House?
6. Safe Debris Burning
7. Make Sure Equipment is "Fire Safe"
8. Have You Planned for the Great Escape?
9. Wildland Fire Prevention
10. Don't Let Your Home Become Fuel for a Wildfire
11. Save Your Home From Fire Later
12. Homeowners Urged to Prepare for Wildfires
13. Talk to Your Kids About Wildfire
14. Children Can Help Prevent Wildfires Too
15. When a Wildfire Threatens Your Home
16. Vehicles and the Outdoors
17. Weed Abatement

v. Smokey Handbook
vi. Spanish Materials

1. Children Can Help Prevent Fires Too
2. Extreme Wildfire Danger
3. Fact Card I-C Debris Burning
4. Fact Card 2
5. Fire Safety
6. Firewise Landscaping Construction Checklist
7. Building a Campfire
8. Putting Out a Campfire
9. On a Dark Stormy Night
10. Spanish Evacuation Sheets
11. When Wildfire Threatens Your Home

vii. TEMPLATES - Collected from the National Fire Prevention Education Teams, included here are template signs and materials for several fire prevention topics.
viii. Messages

I. Chapter 9 - Fire Mitigation

i. Firewise Background

1. Firewise Fact Sheet
2. Firewise Communities/USA Fact Sheet
3. Firewise Cooperation
4. Firewise for States
5. WUI Strategic Plan Summary

ii. Firewise Logo - Updated 2006
iii. Guides

1. Sample Forms

a. Virginia Community Risk Assessment Form
b. Virginia Wildfire Hazard Assessment Form
c. Volunteer/In-kind Tracking Sheet
d. Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

2. CWPP Briefing Paper
3. Identifying and Prioritizing Communities at Risk
4. Preparing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan
5. Firewise Workshop Guide
6. How to Become a Kentucky Firewise Community

iv. Handout Materials

1. Sample Articles

a. NAPS Construction (English and Spanish)
b. NAPS Home Ignition Zone
c. NAPS Lean Clean Green (English and Spanish)

2. Sample Fact Sheets

a. Firewise Tips

3. Sample Newsletters

a. Firewise How To Guides

4. Sample Newspaper Insert - Print Files (available on DVD)
5. Brochure - Firewise Around Your Home
6. Sample Newspaper Insert - Firewise

v. Presentations

1. Community Presentation

vi. Sample Artwork (available on DVD)
vii. Sample Community Plans

1. KAVFD Community Wildfire Protection Plan
2. Josephine County

a. Integrated Fire Plan
b. Integrated Fire Action Plan
c. Organizational Chart

3. Lower Mattole Fire Plan
4. Walker Run Community Wildfire Protection Plan
5. Utah Community Fire Plan

viii. WUI Resources - Other

1. Firewise Brochure - Spanish
2. Homeowner's Guide to Wildland Fire Retrofit
3. Zoning News (October 2002)
4. NFPA Journal - Living on the Wildside
5. Oakland Story
6. Wildfire Strikes Home Report

J. Chapter 10 - Resources

i. NWCG Glossary of Wildland Fire Terms

K. Chapter 11 - Appendix