Additional Resources

DOI Medical Standards Program - provides guidance to wildland firefighters and those responsible for the health and safety of all wildland fire personnel.

Fire Program Analysis - a common, interagency system for wildfire preparedness analysis, planning, and budgeting.

Interagency Fire Program Management - Qualifications, Standards and Guide

Joint Fire Science Program - provides scientific information and support for fuel and fire management programs.

National Interagency Fuels Coordination Group - addresses risks from severe fires in wildland urban interface communities, as well as restoring healthy ecological systems in other wildland areas.

Ready Reserve Program (RR)

Ready, Set, Go!

Reports and Investigations

Rural Fire Assistance Program (RFA)

Wildland Fire Communications - National Interagency Incident Communications Division (NIICD)

Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program - provides an avenue  for wildland firefighters and fire personnel to improve essential leadership skills during all stages of their career.

Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher - focuses line-going personnel on operations and decision making issues related to fireline and all-hazard incident safety.

In the Spotlight
photo of wildland fire and operations