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Federal Fire and Aviation Safety Team (FFAST)

The Federal Fire and Aviation Safety Team (FFAST) at NIFC consists of interagency safety representatives who oversee and monitor national fire and aviation safety practices and make recommendations to improve safety and accident prevention. This team has several safety initiatives that have or will be implemented on an interagency basis.

Safety Initiatives Sponsored by FFAST:

Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher: This web site provides a centralized resource for instructors of refresher training to conduct high-quality safety refreshers.

Six Minutes for Safety: This is the first interagency safety initiative that, on a daily basis, addresses high risk situations that historically get our people in trouble.

SAFENET: Wildland Fire Operations Safety Reporting System

Meeting Notes:

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Members of the FFAST:

Name Agency E-Mail
Chad Fisher, Chairperson NPS

Larry Sutton USFS

Chris Wilcox FWS

Michelle Ryerson BLM

Ron Hanks USFS Aviation

Tony Beitia BIA


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