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After Action Review

An After Action Review (AAR) may be conducted when a prescribed fire smoke incident contributes to: (a) exceedance of a National Ambient Air Quality Standard, (b) unsafe driving conditions or traffic accidents, or (c) large numbers of complaints about nuisance smoke. The purpose of the AAR is to provide wildland fire managers with a progression of why things happened and to learn from the experience, leading to improvements in future wildland fire smoke management. This site presents general guidance and examples that may be useful to teams conducting smoke related AARs.


Example Reports

Reports of AARs dealing with smoke-related highway accidents typically are not available for public review due to legal and privacy implications. Therefore, the reports below focus on reviews and analysis of smoke dispersing into populated areas and causing nuisance or health issues.

USDA Forest Service

Natural Resources Conservation Service

No information at this time.

National Park Service

No information at this time.

Bureau of Land Management

No information at this time.

US Fish and Wildlife Service

No information at this time.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

No information at this time.

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