Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher

Firefighter Tech Tools

Tech Tools for the Wildland Firefighter.

Tech tools purpose is to provide a place for firefighters to get technology that helps them do their job safer and more efficiently. The focus here is gathering information from line going firefighters who are using existing technology in the field in innovative ways. Once gathered we will disseminate those ideas, techniques, tactics, links, apps and websites to the rest of the firefighting community via the WFSTAR website.

We welcome and need your ideas.
If you have an idea, technique, tactic, app, or website you think would benefit other firefighters share it with us and we will try to get it on our website. Provide a brief description of what it is and how you are using it along with a link, if necessary, and email it to us at: NWCG REFRESHER TECH TOOLS.


image of earthGeospatial

  • Scenic Map Western USA (Apple). A 3d topo map of the western USA (eastern US also available). The map data is contained within the app, no internet connection is needed.
  • GPS Tracks (Apple). Create waypoints, tracks, and estimate acreage.
  • Avenza PDF Maps (Apple, Android).  Download maps for offline use, track your location on the map, plot locations, measure distance and area, and plot photos.
  • ArcGIS (Apple) | ArcGIS (Android)

image of sun, cloud and lightningWeather

  • NOAA High Definition Radar (Apple). Real time weather radar.
  • Raindar (Android). Color coded weather radar based on your location, searchable.
  • Weather Calculator (Android). Wildland fire weather observation calculation and archiving tool. This application allows quick calculation of RH, Fine Dead Fuel Moisture, and Probability of Ignition based on standard fire line weather observations. Can be shared.

image of airtankerAviation

  • ForeFlight (Apple). Flight planning, weather, TFR's, charts, airport directories, military routes.

image of organization chartOrganization

image of heartHealth

image of flameOther


image of earthGeospatial

  • Mobile Technologies in Fire and Aviation Management at Lessons Learned Center This website is a great place to find out about tips, apps, websites, discussions, and the latest in what is happening in fire mobile technology. Create a free account, log in and browse away.
  • GETA Group Geospatial applications, training, links, incident management tools, and tutorials. For firefighters by firefighters one stop shopping. Outstanding site.
  • Prescribed Fire Smoke Management Pocket Guide This mobile website provides a smoke management reference for anyone conducting prescribed burning including private landowners, forestry consultants, agency personnel, or other land managers.

image of sun, cloud and lightningWeather

image of airtankerAviation