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Medical Exam Process – Fire Season 2022

NEW in 2022 - The contractor formally known as CHS has been rebranded to Acuity International; Some contrator communications will remain as CHS until the contract is formally modified soon. This is the same contractor that has been conducting the exams since 2014

The contractor will also be transitioning to a new exam tracking system to replace the existing systmes (CAS and EAS). The transition schedule is still to be determined and will be announced as details become available.

Per current policy guidance, medical qualification exams are required every 3 years (36-months) and self-certification in non-exam years. Please reference additional guidance located under the Agency Info tab above.

Comprehensive/Baseline Exams - All employees participating in arduous duty wildland fire activities who have not completed a comprehensive baseline exam, must complete this exam through Acuity/CHS prior to participating in the Work Capacity Test (WCT) for the 2022 fire season.

Periodic Exams - Firefighters who have not completed a medical qualification exam in the previous 36 months must complete a periodic exam through Acuity/CHS prior to participating in the WCT for the 2022 fire season. Firefighters with existing Risk Mitigation/Waivers (RM/W) for ongoing medical conditions may want to consider bringing documentation from their healthcare provider regarding the current status of their condition. Providing updated information at the time of the exam may facilitate a more timely qualification determination.

Self-Certification - All arduous personnel not required to complete an exam above through Acuity/CHS must complete the DOI MSP Self-Certification Process. The Self-Certification process is available through the CHS Examinee Access System (EAS). Only those individuals whose most recent medical qualification determination was Qualified or Qualified w/ RM/W may complete a self-certification. Results of completed self-certifications will be printable through EAS. Self-certification results will also be viewable by management in CAS. It is recommended that self-certifications be completed at least five business days prior to a planned WCT.

Applicants receiving a determination of Not Qualified have an opportunity to participate in the Risk Mitigation/Waiver Process. Previous RM/Ws remain valid unless there is a change in medical condition. The Servicing Human Resource Office will initiate the RM/W process unless the applicant is an Adminstratively Determined or Emergency Firefighter (AD/EFF). The RM/W process for AD/EFFs is initiated and facilitated by the Fire Management Official (FMO).

For detailed information on the DOI MSP and Risk Mitigation/Waiver Process, please refer to the Tool Boxes on this page.

Reminders will not be sent out.

CAS users do not need to order self-certs, this can be done by the examinee via their EAS account, they will be notified of the results.

CAS users will be able to view the results when the self-certification is completed and uploaded by Acuity/CHS


Acuity International (CHS) – Exam Provider
Acuity/CHS Phone Number: 1-888-636-8619
Acuity/CHS Customer Service Email: wlff@chsmedical.com
CAS Link: https://cp.chsmedical.com/

EAS link: https:eas.chsmedical.com/


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