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All wildland fire agencies remain committed to wildland fire readiness through active hiring of fire personnel, adjusting training practices to minimize contact and slow COVID-19 spread potential, and assessing prescribed burning operations. All wildland firefighting partners are working together to plan for fire activity during COVID-19.

To further ensure the highest degree of readiness, the National Multi-Agency Coordinating Group has established three regional Area Command Teams that will work with partners at all levels in the fire community to develop protocols for wildfire response in areas where there are known COVID-19 exposures. The protocols will be integrated into Wildland Fire Response Plans and will be available to all incident management teams and fire units to help guide effective wildfire response.

The safety of the public and all wildland fire responders is always the number one priority for all wildland fire agencies.

For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit the following resources:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Wildfires and COVID-19 (Department of the Interior)
Forest Service Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

How will the wildland firefighting agencies respond to wildfires?

Our mission critical work, such as suppressing wildfires and other public service responsibilities, will continue within appropriate risk management strategies, current guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, and local health and safety guidelines.

What will happen if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs among firefighters?

The wildland firefighting agencies are updating plans and responses for various disease outbreak scenarios in the United States, including the “Pandemic Response and Preparedness Plan for the Federal Wildland Fire Agencies,” and the “Infectious Diseases Guidelines for Wildland Fire Incident Management Teams.” These plans institute appropriate mitigation activities during wildland fire response actions to ensure national wildland fire response capability.

Are you considering how the smoke from your fires will contribute to weakened respiratory health at a time in which the coronavirus is a serious risk by itself?

Potential smoke impacts to the public are considered in all prescribed fire and wildfire management. As always, we will work in coordination with local and state health organizations and make any necessary changes should the need arise.

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