Vale Hotshots

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Vale Hotshot Crew is to provide a safe, organized, mobile and highly skilled hand crew for all phases of fire management and incident operations.



Crew Values


Pride     -    In the job, Crew, Agency, Self, Family.

Respect - For supervisors, Subordinates, Peers, Self, Employees outside of the crew.

Organized - Personally, and familiar with all elements of the crew.

Flexible - Willingness and ability to adapt to changing situations.

Efficient - Effectively accomplish the job with the right amount of funds and work effort.

Sound - In judgment, tactics, ethics, and training.

Skilled - Well-rounded in all aspects of the job.

Integrity - For the Job, Crew, Agency, Self, and Ethics.

Open - To new ideas, Techniques, and people of different backgrounds.

Nurturing - Dedicated to training and development of all personnel.

Ambitious - Willingness trying new things without fear of failure.

Loyalty - To the job, Crew, Agency, Self, and Family.


The Vale Interagency Hotshot crew is a fire suppression crews that can be dispatched nationally and internationally to fires and other disasters. When not assigned to an incident Hotshot crews train and provide a workforce to accomplish management objectives while maintaining availability for incident mobilization. Our Hotshot crew consist of 20-25 diverse, motivated, intelligent, and physically fit individuals. We travel as a crew from early May through October to assist wildland fire suppression efforts. Because of this crewmebers work, eat, and sleep together and must work as a team to be able to adapt to an ever changing environment. The Crews season runs form the beginning of May through the first of October, but can be extended depending on the severity of the fire season. Individuals can expect to spend most of these months away from home, and sometimes out of communication with family and friends. We can be gone up to 21 days at a time with 2 days off. Shifts normally last up to 16 hours, but can be extended due to critical fire operations. All crew personel carry packs weighing up to 45 pounds, and hike in rough steep terrain for several miles to reach our job site. The Vale Hotshots firmly believe physical conditioning, training and good comunication by all is directly related to safety on the fire line, and our physical training program is demanding



The Vale District is host for the Vale IHC located in the city or Vale in Eastern Oregon. Located in south east Oregon 75 miles west of Boise Idaho.


Physical Training

Due to the arduous duties of the job a medical examination is required prior to employment. All Firefighter positions require an aerobic fitness test called the Work Capacity Fitness Test (a three-mile hike with 45 lb. in 45 minutes or less). In addition to the Pack Test, Vale Hotshot Crew personnel will strive to meet the following goals found in "Fit to Work" a publication from the Missoula Technology Development Center:


1.5 mile run in a time of 10:35 or less

40 sit-ups in 60 seconds

25 pushups in 60 seconds

Chin-ups, based on body weight:

More than 170 lbs. = 4 chin-ups

135-170 lbs. = 5 chin-ups

110- 13 5 lbs. = 6 chin-ups

Less than 110 lbs. = 7 chin-ups

It is important for applicants to understand that a high level of physical fitness is required before reporting to work. Our PT program is intended to enhance and maintain crewmember’s physical fitness, not get them into shape. All crew members are required to participate in a structured Physical Fitness training program daily that will include flexibility exercises, aerobic conditioning, and weight training, when not involved in fire suppression activities. Crew members are expected to report to work in good physical condition.


1.5 MILE RUN - 9:16 - 8:06
SIT-UPS - 90 - 161
PUSH-UPS - 68 - 120
CHIN-UPS - 11 - 21


1.5 MILE RUN - 9:19 - 8:21
SIT-UPS - 89 - 315
PUSH-UPS - 64 - 119
CHIN-UPS - 11 - 24


Crew History

The Vale Hotshot Crew was established in 1997 and is located at the BLM Vale District office in Vale Oregon. The Crew was started to help fulfill the BLM’s commitment to provide national fire suppression resources. The crew has been on assignments throughout the western states, as well as South Dakota, Minnesota, Florida, Alaska and Internationally to Alberta, and Canada.

Overhead History


1997 – 2002 Rick Roach

2003 – 2018 Bart Yeager

2019 - Present Glenn Heitz


Assistant Superintendent

2001 Vacant

2002 Bart Yeager

2003 Vacant

2004 – 2008 Scott English

2009 – 2011 Pete Hearn & Glenn Heitz

2012 Glenn Heitz

2012 - 2018 Glenn Heitz & Casey Eager

2019 – Present Casey Eager

2020 - Present Jerry Castro


Recruitment and Hiring

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