High Reliability Organizing (HRO)

The Lionshead Fire lights up the night sky near Warmsprings, Oregon in 2020. Photo by Tavis Fenske

HRO in BLM Fire Operations

There are a number of concepts, systems, methods, and models that can be used by an organization in its pursuit of a “safety culture.” Many are useful, and most are complementary to one another. HRO theory is one of them. Goal #5 of the BLM Fire and Aviation Strategic Plan is to develop a High Reliability Organization (HRO). Toward this end, BLM fire personnel are encouraged to study HRO characteristics, or any other constructive safety practice, and apply them to their own units. 

2013 Reframing HRO - A Focus on Behavior

2010 High Reliability Organizing: What It Is, Why It Works, How to Lead It Training

HRO References and Resources