Interagency Fire Management Documents

NOTE: The following documents are interagency, for bureau or agency specific documents please select one of the following:



Interagency Fire Program Management Decision Paper #5 and attachment: Removal of Initial Attack Dispatcher Position (IADP) from Interagency Fire Program Management (IFPM) Qualification Standard and Guide.

IFPM Proposal for Change Form - The following form can be used to submit proposed changes to the Interagency Fire Program Management Qualifications Standards and Guide. For additional information consult with your IFPM Agency Representative.

NWCG Memorandum (NWCG#007-2011) - Interagency Fire Program Management (IFPM) Currency Requirements

Interagency Wildland Fire Hiring Official Recruitment Checklist - The recruitment checklist is intended to be used by hiring officials as a supplement to existing procedures within your organization when submitting a recruitment package to Human Resources for wildland fire management positions.

Classification of Local Dispatch Center Manager Positions - Local Dispatch Center Manager positions will be exempt from the IFPM Implementation Plan stipulation requiring all IFPM fire positions at the GS-11 grade and above be classified as professional positions.

Training & Development Tools - The following training and development tools describe some of the developmental activities an employee can use to achieve the requisite competencies, NWCG training and incident qualifications for his/her position. The planning tools should be used during the Individual Development Plan process.