Cache Vans

Mobile Cache Support Vans 

The Great Basin Cache (GBK) maintains nine National Fire Equipment System (NFES) 008667 Mobile Cache Support Vans. The NFES 008667 is an enhanced version of the national standard NFES 002069 Mobile Cache Support Van. The NFES 008667 is specific to the initial support needs of the Great Basin Type 2 or larger incidents and for one to two operational periods. 

Please refer to the National Interagency Mobilization Guide for Cache Van ordering procedures. 

Upon arrival at the incident, the van should be unloaded in anticipation of retrieval by GBK so that it can be returned to Boise and made ready for re-use. For planning purposes, teams can expect GBK to retrieve a committed GBK cache van within 24-36 hours after commitment. When determining date and time needed, ensure that appropriate lead time is allowed to have incident team personnel and/or an agency representative in place at the delivery point to unload the contents. 

All associated charges related to movement of the cache van (to incident, to GBK for rebuild, to assigned location) will be charged to the incident for which it was ordered. The incident host unit will be responsible for procuring tractors for moving the vans to an incident. This procurement may be coordinated with GBK (to arrange for a GBK tractor) or through local resource channels (i.e. agency tractor, local hire). 

Replacement of committed GBK cache vans will be automatically performed by GBK. A Resource Order in NOT required for replacement vans. Vans will be pre-positioned at the same location from which a van was dispatched from unless the coordination centers advise otherwise. 

Security and protection from damage to a cache van and its contents is the responsibility of the unit in which the van is located. The cache vans and contents are to be used for incident support only and not for local projects. If seals are found broken and/or items found missing, the cost of replacement for missing items will be charged to the appropriate unit’s preparedness funding. 


Pre-Position Cache Van Locations 

Cache vans will be delivered to their pre-designated field locations by June 15 each year. 

Cache Van Locations 

Idaho Boise (2 vans) 

Idaho Falls 

Utah Salt Lake City 


Nevada Carson City