NIFC Help Desk

The NIFC Help Desk provides computer, telephone, wireless support for employees at NIFC. The help desk staff also has the technical expertise to make sure employees have the tools they need to do their jobs.

Contact Us

Phone: (208) 387-5734
Fax: (208) 433-6402 

Hours of Operation

7:30 am to 4:30 pm (MST) 
Monday - Friday, except holidays 

Other Phone Numbers 

ROSS Help Desk (866) 224-7677
WIMS Support  (866) 224-7677 
CBS Help Desk (303) 236-6795
Fire Applications Help Desk (IQCS, Firecode)  (208) 387-5070 
RAWS HelpDesk (208) 387-5475


BLM Employees can submit a Help Desk Ticket 

If you are on the BLM internal network, you can submit a help desk ticket at the BLM National Help Desk.

Alternatively, you can call 1-800-BLM-HELP (1-800-256-4357) or (208) 387-5734.