Cache Demobilization



Cache Demobilization Specialist (CDSP) 


The benefit of having the expertise of a Cache Demobilization Specialist (CDSP) is to coordinate and expedite the return of equipment and supplies to the local or National Interagency Support Cache (NISC) system by: 

  • Providing expertise to the supply/demob unit leader. 
  • Assisting in identifying trackable, accountable and sensitive items. 
  • Expediting the return of equipment and supplies to the supporting cache. 
  • Contributing to the overall cost savings to the incident. 
  • Assisting in the safe loading of equipment/supplies. 
  • Helping to improve the accountability system during the demobilization process. 
  • Assisting with the proper documentation. 
  • Ensuring that transportation of hazardous materials meets 49 CFR. 
  • Demob can also provide and help interpret the Incident Summary and Loss Report. 

To request a demob specialist please contact the National Interagency Fire Center, Great Basic Cache. 

Mike Brown, (208) 387-5341

Derek Conn, (208) 387-5547