IFPM Standard & Maintenance Plan

IFPM Standard

Chapter 1. Introduction PDF
Chapter 2. Position Standards and Guide  
  National Fire Program Manager PDF
  Geographic Fire Program Manager PDF
  Unit Fire Program Manager PDF
  Wildland Fire Operations Specialist PDF
  Prescribed Fire & Fuels Specialist PDF
  Interagency Hotshot Superintendent PDF
  Engine Supervisors - Supervisory Engine Operator & Engine Module Supervisor PDF
  Helicopter Manager PDF
  Senior Firefighter PDF
  Center Manager PDF
  Initial Attack Lead Dispatcher/Asst. Center Manager PDF
Chapter 3. Common Competencies PDF
Chapter 4. OPM Standards  
  Group Coverage Qualification Standards for Technical and Medical Support Positions - GS-455/462 PDF
  Group Coverage Qualification Standards for Professional and Scientific Positions - GS-0401 PDF
  DOI Personnel Bulletin 07-13: Qualification Requirements for GS-0401 Fire Program Management PDF
Chapter 5. Program Complexities PDF
  Instructions and Guiding Principles  
  Complexity Rating Descriptions  
  Fire Program Complexities Excel Spreadsheet  

Maintenance Plan

IFPM Maintenance Plan (PDF)
Appendix A- Complexity Analysis Guide
Appendix B- Position Identification
  Unit Position Identification Worksheet (MS Word)
Appendix C- Individual Development Plan