Thank You

When a natural disaster strikes, it is not uncommon for communities and local organizations to want to help. They appreciate emergency response personnel; it is natural to want to give back, in any possible way and this typically comes in the form of food and lodging donations. 

There are many challenges associated with these acts of kindness. Citizens may not understand that there are mechanisms in place that cover firefighter’s needs. Other ideas rather than donations include:  

  • Help keep firefighters safe, by creating defensible space around your home.    

  • Creating defensible space around your home is absolutely the BEST thing you can do to help firefighters.    

  • Learn how at  

  • Volunteer with local organizations to aid disaster victims.   

  • Volunteer or donate to Non Profit Organizations that support wildlife too.    

  • Many times fires affect more than just people.    

  • Animal habitats, breeding grounds and wintering areas may be affected.  Reach out to your local fish and game offices to see if there are opportunities to help them as well.  Consider volunteering or donating to nonprofit organizations such as Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pheasants Forever and Trout Unlimited, just to name a few. Many of these organizations may already be cooperators with federal firefighting agencies. They may be planning rehabilitation efforts that you can volunteer time or money towards.   

Firefighters Rock