Performance Management

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 General Information 

  • Appraisal period is from October 1 through September 30 of each fiscal year. 
  • 90 calendar days is the minimum appraisal period that the employee must be working under an established Employee Performance Appraisal Plan (EPAP) in order to be eligible for an interim or annual rating. 
  • Supervisors must discuss performance expectations related to critical elements, performance standards, and position description with employees. 
  • EPAP’s for all supervisors and managers MUST include the mandatory supervisory/managerial critical element. 
  • All EPAP’s must have at least one performance element that is linked to the strategic mission and Government Performance Results Act (GPRA). 
  • An interim appraisal is required when an employee has worked under established standards for 90 days and one or more of the following occurs: employee changes position, completes a temporary assignment of 120 days or more, the rating official leaves a supervisory position, or to document a level of competency determination for within grade increase (WGI)/promotion purposes. 
  • The rating official must write a narrative summary for each critical element assigned a rating of Exceptional (E), Minimally Successful (MS), or Unsatisfactory (U). In addition, all E, MS, or U ratings must be reviewed and approved by a higher-level reviewing official prior to discussion of the rating with the employee. 

Rating Official - (supervisor) 

Prepare and document EPAP by determining critical elements and performance standards for: 

  • All employees within 60 days of the beginning of the appraisal period. 
  • When an employee begins a detail or temporary promotion expected to exceed 120 days or more. 
  • When an employee is assigned to a new position. 
  • When employee's official supervisor changes. 
  • Conduct a progress review mid-way through the rating period (at least one between the initial annual planning session and the end of the rating period). Rating official will discuss and document performance (both good and when improvement is needed) and developmental needs of employee throughout the year. 
  • Contact the human resources employee relations specialist for assistance as soon as problems with an employee’s performance develop. 
  • By October 30 of each year complete overall summary rating with employee. 
  • Forward original signed appraisal to human resources office to be filed in the electronic Employee Performance Folder (eOPF). 
  • Keep a copy for file. 
  • Provide a copy to employee. 
  • During the final rating conference establish the EPAP for the next fiscal year and begin the cycle again. 
  • Serves as the reconsideration process reviewer when an employee requests reconsideration of a rating under the informal reconsideration procedures. 

Reviewing Official - (second-level supervisor) 

  • Responsible for reviewing and approving all overall summary ratings of Exceptional (E), Minimally Successful (MS), or Unsatisfactory (U) prior to the rating official discussing the rating with the employee. 
  • Serves as the reconsideration process reviewer when an employee requests reconsideration of a rating under the formal reconsideration procedures. 


  • Participate in establishing the EPAP for current position. 
  • Participate in mid-year, interim, and annual ratings. 
  • May submit written supplemental comments to the overall rating of record, the element ratings and/or the narrative comments IF NOT contesting the rating received on a given element, which if changed would affect the outcome of the overall rating of record. 
  • May request reconsideration of the rating of record through the Bureau reconsideration process. 

Employee Relations Specialist 

  • Provides training, information, advice, and assistance to rating official, reviewing official, and employee on all aspects of the performance management system. 
  • Reviews performance deficiency documentation provided by rating official when a problem(s) develops with an employee’s performance and advises rating official on a course of action to improve the employee’s performance. 
  • Assist rating official in the development of a formal performance improvement plan (PIP) for an overall summary rating of Unsatisfactory (U).