Medford Crew 10

Medford Crew 10

Medford Crew 10 is part of the BLM veteran crew program. We hire veterans from all military occupational specialties (MOSs) and from all branches of the military, including Reserves and National Guard.


Medford Crew 10 aids with suppression during wildland fire operations to help keep wildfires small and to prevent loss of life, reduce property damage, protect resources, and participate in fuels management projects.

This crew is a great way for military veterans to use their knowledge, skills, and comradery acquired during their service and transition into a fulfilling career in wildland fire. Veterans are provided with the training, skills, and qualifications necessary to build a foundation for future BLM employment opportunities.

Medford Crew 10 prides ourselves in accomplishing our assigned duties safely, efficiently, and with professionalism. We also equip military veterans with the tools and experience necessary to be successful both now and into the future.


  • Strive for a high level of performance, discipline and trust as a team,
  • Perform tasks safely with pride, duty, and respect.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and adaptability.

Crew Duties

Medford Crew 10 works together as an 18 to 25 person Wildland Fire Type 2 Initial Attack Handcrew to suppress wildland fires in Oregon, as well as across the nation.

We strive to provide effective, professional assistance in the suppression of wildfires or completion of fuels management projects. This will often have us digging handline, cutting hazard trees, coordinating with aircraft, completing burnouts and mop up on wildfires. On prescribed fires we often prepare units by digging handline around them and felling hazard trees before ignitions begin. During the burn we assist in ignitions, hold and patrol the handlines, mop up and monitor the area after the fire.

Crew Station

Our crew’s duty station is located at the Medford Interagency Office (MIO) Fire Cache in southern Oregon.This facility offers a fully equipped gym and locker room with showers. Crew carriers and a command vehicle are provided for Crew 10. The MIO does not offer government housing.


At the beginning of the season, the crew engages in 80 hours of critical training. It includes fire refresher for experienced crewmembers, fire school for first year firefighters and a district orientation. We provide National Wildfire Coordinating Group classes like S-212 Wildland Fire Chainsaws, S-131 Firefighter Type 1 or L-280 Followership to Leadership based on crew needs. All crewmembers are also required to complete the pack test.

These training activities help the crew to enhance our skills and develop team cohesion. On-the-job training and professional development allow us to perform our duties safely and efficiently while creating a skilled team of knowledgeable firefighters.

Daily Operations

Every day is different when you work as a wildland firefighter. Medford Crew 10 routinely gets assignments in the Pacific Northwest as well as across the western United States and Alaska.

A standard day at the station may begin with conducting vehicle and equipment checks followed by an hour of physical fitness. Crewmembers then report in uniform to the Fire Cache for morning briefing where the weather forecast, national situation report, safety message, and daily task objectives are discussed. The workday can include any combination of fuels work, project work, training, maintenance, or being initial attack stand-by for local district wildfires.

While on a fire assignment, shifts begin by waking up at a designated start time. Everyone packs their camping and personal gear into duffel bags and reports to the crew vehicles for daily checks before breakfast. Following breakfast, crew leadership attends the fire briefing while the rest of the members resupply and prepare for the day.

Once the crew receives their assignment, we depart to the assigned work area and achieve the given objectives. Operations on fire assignments can include line patrol, holding, handline construction (direct/indirect), ignition operations, tree felling, suppression with water handling equipment, and mop up. At the end of the shift, the crew returns to fire camp for dinner and to rest in the designated camping area.

Job Announcements

Seasonal positions typically open in November or December on USAJOBS. The BLM Fire Jobs portal has links to current opportunities and tutorials on how to apply, resume tips, and cover letter advice.

Crew 10 hires military occupational specialties from all branches of the military, with or without wildland fire experience. The GS-3 Forestry Aid (FIRE) and GS-4 Forestry Technician (FIRE) positions are entry level seasonal appointments. Make sure to select Medford, OR as the duty location.

For more information, visit the BLM Jobs Portal or contact the crew supervisor.

Physical Requirements

Everyone must pass the work capacity test at the arduous level. Physical training consists of running, hiking, weight training, and stretching. Crew workouts are typically done as a group in the form of circuits, unless conducting a run or hike. We need to maintain a high level of fitness to perform our wildland fire tasks and we strive to do our best and consistently improve. Heart is what matters.

Crew History

Medford Crew 10 was established in 2012 as one of three BLM Fire veterans handcrews in Oregon and Washington. The two other crews are in Lakeview, Oregon, and Spokane, Washington. The crew started as a 10-person wildland fire suppression module and became a Type II Initial Attack hand crew in 2015. The crew has one permanent employee, four term employees, and 15 to 20 seasonal hires.


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Medford Crew 10