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Welcome to the BLM Fire Jobs Portal! Here you’ll find information about the types of positions BLM Fire has to offer, helpful hints for applying, contact information for local BLM fire managers and links to USAJOBS for current vacancies. 

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How to get a BLM Fire job

BLM Fire advertises open positions using USAJOBS, the federal government's website for listing job opportunities (called vacancy announcements) with federal agencies. USAJOBS requires setting up a user profile and allows applicants to create a resume directly in the system, upload required documents and store this information for multiple applications. You must apply to each individual vacancy announcement if you are interested. Please read each vacancy announcement carefully; each position has specific requirements you must meet to qualify and documents you must provide.

If you have never used USAJOBS before, it is highly recommended that you view our “How to Apply" page.

Click on the the highlighted states in the map below to find BLM Fire opportunities currently available in that state. A list of all current BLM Fire jobs on USAJOBS is also available. *Please note: some BLM Fire jobs may not be auto-populated from the specific state searches below, so it's important to visit USAJOBS to search for wildland fire positions as well.  

Interactive Map of the United States Alabama Alaska (highlighted) Arizona (highlighted) Arkansas California (highlighted) Colorado (highlighted) Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho (highlighted) Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas (highlighted) Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi (highlighted) Missouri Montana (highlighted) Nebraska Nevada (highlighted) New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico (highlighted) New York North Carolina North Dakota (highlighted) Ohio Oklahoma (highlighted) Oregon (highlighted) Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota (highlighted) Tennessee Texas (highlighted) Utah (highlighted) Vermont Virginia Washington (highlighted) West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming (highlighted)

Types of appointments (term of employment and work schedule)

These positions are typically only used for specific incidents or fires and are “on call” in nature. AD employees are not salaried. AD employees are paid a flat hourly rate and taxes are not deducted from the paycheck, so the AD employee is responsible for reporting this income. For more information on these positions, contact your local BLM office.

Temporary seasonal positions are just that - temporary and seasonal. The work is full time (40 hours or more per week), but employees in these types of positions can only work 6 months in a row. Employees must reapply to these types of positions every year. These job announcements are managed by the DOI Fires program. The DOI Fires website has a lot of great information on applying for a temporary seasonal BLM Fire job.

Career seasonal positions are the same as permanent full-time jobs in the federal government and carry the same full benefits package, except employees may not work year-round depending on the needs of the agency.

Permanent full-time positions work 40+ hours per week, 52 weeks per year.

These assignment opportunities are available to current federal government employees and provide an opportunity for employees to learn new skills and perform duties in a different position than their normal job. They may or may not involve a temporary promotion. These detail opportunities are posted internally on SharePoint.


Federal employees are paid based on the grade level identified in their position description. For example, a firefighter on a hand crew usually is paid at the GS-03, GS-04 or GS-05 level depending on qualifications, experience and prior federal service. The grade level(s) and pay rate will be shown on the individual vacancy announcement in USAJOBS. This is the base pay rate; depending on the situation, other premium pay (such as overtime, night differential, hazardous duty pay, etc.) may be earned.

Temporary seasonal GS-03 and GS-04 wildland firefighter pay will be set at a step to equal a minimum of $15 per hour.

A supplemental pay increase of $20,000 or 50% of base pay per year, is authorized under Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for firefighter positions.

Hiring contacts

For more information on a specific job opportunity, check the vacancy announcement for a point of contact. For information about duty locations and hiring contacts at those locations, go to the DOI Fires Contacts page.

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